Dry French Lentils

  • French Lentils from Food to Live are of premium-quality and 100% natural.
  • Dried French lentils are an amazing product you can use to cook a variety of tasty dishes.
  • Extremely healthy and nutritious, French Lentils can be included in a weight loss diet.
  • Fast and easy to cook, Food to Live French Lentils are one of the best foods for everyone.
  • Mild taste of French lentils goes well with many foods. They are perfect for culinary experiments.


French lentils are extremely versatile and can be used for cooking a variety of dishes. Their high nutritional value makes them a fabulous addition to any diet. As they are extremely low on fat and all things ‘unhealthy’, you can eat as many lentils as you want even when you are on a weight loss program. In fact, their high fiber content should help you achieve this goal faster.

Nutritional Value

French Lentils make one of the healthiest foods known to man due to their extremely high content of iron, folate, and calcium. They are invaluable for vegans and vegetarians as they provide you with protein and a variety of essential nutrients.


French Lentils from Food to Live are extremely easy to cook. You don’t have to pre-soak them for many hours. They can be used for making amazing curries and many spicy Indian dishes. They also make a great base for pastes and dips.