Certified Organic Buckwheat Groats

Buckwheat, also called jadrica, gryczana kasza, grechka, and kasha, is an amazing food which is really good for you. As it’s not a grain but a fruit seed, it can be used to substitute grains for people with sensitive stomachs. It usually comes in two forms, flour or groats. Note that groats are the hulled seeds of the buckwheat plant that are used for cooking.

Although it’s not exactly Paleo, the Certified Organic Buckwheat from Food to Live® can be used as a protein source in a vegetarian-Paleo diet if the seeds are soaked or sprouted prior to eating.

Nutritional Value: Buckwheat is extremely healthy and a real nutritional powerhouse. It contains manganese, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, and other minerals. Every cup of cooked groats also has only 1g of fat and 155 calories, while it gives you 6g of protein and 5g of fiber.


TOP-QUALITY BUCKWHEAT: Food to Live® offers the best, delicious, buckwheat groats
VEGETARIAN PROTEIN SOURCE: This whole grain substitute is extremely high in protein
USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Our Buckwheat Groats are a 100% non-GMO organic product
DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS: Buckwheat kernels are packed with magnesium, manganese and copper
GOOD FOR ANY DIET: Buckwheat is low in calories and high in dietary fiber. It is free of Cholesterol and Sodium and very low in Saturated Fat