What Does 1200 Calories a Day Look Like?

Let me begin by saying; 1200 calories per day is not a lot! If your goal is weight loss, it’s the bare minimum the National Institute of Health recommends for women, and far less than what’s recommended for men. So if this is your target, I’m going to guess that the idea of eating 1200 calories per day can seem pretty daunting.

The great news is it doesn’t mean you have to survive on celery sticks and bland chicken either! It’s absolutely possible to eat a variety of satiating and nutrient-rich foods. Below is a sample menu that illustrates just how delicious and satisfying 1200 calories can be!

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Breakfast Salad:

241 Calories

Why not add a fun twist to your morning routine? This healthy breakfast salad shows you just how easy & delicious eating salad for breakfast can be!

Did you know… There’s now direct evidence about garbanzo beans and appetite! Participants in a recent study reported more satisfaction with their diet when garbanzo beans were included, and they consumed fewer processed food snacks during test weeks in the study when garbanzo beans were consumed. They also consumed less food overall when the diet was supplemented with garbanzo beans.



Lunch: {hint… we love our leftovers}

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast
219 Calories

This baked bacon wrapped chicken breast is super delicious and could not be any easier to put together!

Did you know… If you’re looking for a great source of protein, this bird is the word! Chicken is high in protein and jam-packed full of essential nutrients and vitamins.





Cauliflower Mashers

cauliflower mashers
73 Calories

The fun thing about cauliflower is it can easily absorb the flavor of anything you add to it so you’ll always enjoy the taste!

Did you know…You have probably heard that the most nutritious foods are the ones that have the most color, but that’s not the case with cauliflower! Just one cup provides 77% of the daily-recommended value vitamin C, 20% of vitamin K, and 10% or more of vitamin B-6 and folate.





Easy-Cook NY Strip

Easy Cook NY Strip
330 Calories

Whether you’re making a romantic dinner or a casual meal, steaks are always a delightful entrée. Broiling them in the oven makes steak super quick and fuss-free to prepare.

Did you know… Grass-fed beef, is naturally leaner and higher in omega 3’s than conventional beef. It’s also loaded with considerably more antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, plus it’s a great source of CLA.




Perfectly Sautéed Mushrooms

Perfectly Sautéed Mushrooms
135 Calories

Sautéing is a quick, versatile way to cook any kind of mushroom, including basic button, cremini, stemmed shiitake, portobello, and morel mushrooms – or better yet, a mix of your favorites.

While the cooking process only takes minutes, there are a few tips that assure the tastiest results. Savor them as a side dish, seasoned simply with sea salt and freshly ground pepper or embellished with herbs and more!




Roasted Sweet Potatoes

187 Calories

Mmmm… sweet potato! So versatile, and a great side to almost any dish!

Did you know… Not only are sweet potatoes readily available, inexpensive, and delicious, they have an impressive array of benefits for your health.






Grape Tomatoes

10 Calories

Did you know… Tomatoes do not have to be a deep red color to be an outstanding source of lycopene? Lycopene is a carotenoid pigment that has long been associated with the deep red color of many tomatoes. A small preliminary study on healthy men and women has shown that the lycopene from orange and tangerine colored tomatoes may actually be better absorbed than the lycopene from red tomatoes.





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