Frequently Asked Questions

What is pHresh & Clean all about?

We offer a meal planning tool that’s fully customizable and crazy-simple to use. We show you how to dig in, ditch packaged products for the real thing, and make smart swaps to eliminate inflammatory foods without sacrificing flavor!

Our meal planning tool will catapult you into a lifestyle of giving your body what it needs to be as healthy, fit and happy as you can be!

Why should I use a service to do something that I could do on my own?

The simple answer is because it saves you time and money! If you’re anything like us, you’ll find the meal planning process more time-consuming than it is rewarding. If you want to reap the benefits of planning your meals ahead of time, but cannot fit it into your schedule, pHresh & Clean is a great solution. Even if you’re already proficient in planning your nutrition, we can help you spend less time planning – freeing up some of your valuable time. Shopping without a plan often leads to wasted produce, and untouched ingredients in the back of your fridge. We can make sure that every dollar you spend is going towards something you’re actually going to eat.

Do you recommend using pHresh & Clean if I'm just cooking for one?

Absolutely! All the more reason to plan, prep and prepare for success! All of our recipes have scalable serving sizes, and adding extra protein for tomorrow’s lunch is easy-peasy!

I’m just learning how to cook. Will making all of these new recipes be overwhelming?

Everyone starts out as a novice in the kitchen, and our service completely recognizes this. That’s why our recipes are designed to guide you step-by-step in creating delicious meals that require zero skill or stress. Even kids can follow along!

Will I need a bunch of new gadgets in the kitchen?

We don’t believe you need a whole lot to get cooking in the kitchen. We use pretty standard tools that are essential for a functional kitchen. You’ll likely have most of the items already.

Will I need to buy a ton of new ingredients to get started?

If you are just starting out in the kitchen and don’t have a lot of clean pantry essentials, chances are you’ll spend a little extra in the beginning. But, after using our recipes for a month or two, you’ll definitely have an incredibly functional pantry that will enable you to cook a whole assortment of delicious meals. Plus as time goes on, your weekly trips to the grocery store will be noticeably shorter and simpler!

Will I have to spend a ton on groceries?

Grocery prices will vary depending on where you live, where you shop, how many mouths your feeding, whether you’re omnivore or choose a plant-based diet. We’ve put together this blog article for some excellent tips on how to Eat Clean & Save Green.

Are your recipes kid-friendly?

Yes! We’ve actually cleaned up some all-time faves just for the kids! Don’t see a must have recipe? Add your own with a few simple clicks!

We believe in exposing kids to a wide variety of healthy ingredients and tastes from the get-go. Not only are our recipes kid-friendly, we highly recommend involving your children in the entire process. From planning the weeks meals to getting their hands in the kitchen – it’s all good!

In heading into the service with an open mind, it’s likely that you’ll experience incredible successes and positive changes in your child’s eating habits and preferences!

How many people do your recipes serve?

The serving sizes vary from recipe to recipe. All of our recipes have adjustable serving sizes so that you can scale up or down.

Can I add my own recipes to the database?

Yes! Adding a favorite recipe to your collection is super easy! Once you hit submit, we’ll get right to reviewing! Once your recipe is published it will go straight into your recipe collection, so you can add it to any meal plan!

Do your recipes have ratings and comments?

Absolutely. You can find the recipe comments at the bottom of each recipe page. We encourage you to leave your feedback! Please do keep it constructive as we strive to foster a helpful and supportive community!

Comments should relate to the recipe at hand. We reserve the right to remove any comments that we consider offensive or off-topic. Doing so may also lead you to being immediately and permanently banned from our website.

Can I prep any recipes or ingredients in advance?

Sure can! In fact, we definitely hear from our community that adopting a Sunday prep routine has significantly reduced their weeknight dinner-making stress levels, so it might be worth just giving it a try for a week or two to see if it works for you!

How do I save a recipe to my Recipe Collection?

You can click on the ‘Recipe Collection’ icon that’s on each recipe page; that recipe will then be added to your recipe collection for easy access.

How do I remove a recipe from my Recipe Collection?

You can click on the ‘Recipe Collection’ icon that’s on the recipe page that you would like to remove; that recipe will then be deleted from your recipe collection.

How do I add a recipe to My Meal Planner?

You can click on the ‘Meal Planner’ icon that’s on each recipe page, and then choose the date and course that you want to add the recipe to. If necessary, you will want to adjust the serving size prior to adding the recipe to your meal planner.

Check out this short video on How to add a recipe to your meal planner from the recipe itself.

How do I modify ingredients that are in a recipe? i.e. swap out chicken for fish, or add extra protein.

These changes will need to be made from your Shopping List after it has been generated.

If you need any help with customizing your shopping list, please check out this short video on How to generate, edit & use the shopping list.

Does the Meal Planner include breakfast and lunch?

You bet! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack… You call it! Our meal plans are fully customizable. Add or remove any course you want.

How do I add a recipe to my calendar from the Meal Planner page?

You will select a recipe from the dropdown options and drag it into your Calendar. Additionally from the meal planner page, you can choose to add a recipe as ‘Leftovers’ and it will not be included in your Shopping List.

Check out this short video on How to add a recipe to your meal planner from your meal planner page.

How do I change the serving size on a recipe once it’s in my Meal Planner?

You will click on the recipe, scroll down, adjust the serving size and then close the recipe.

Please note: if you have already generated your Shopping List, you will need to regenerate the Shopping List in order to update the ingredients on the Shopping List.

Check out this short video on How to edit the serving size of a recipe once it’s in your meal planner.

How do I delete a recipe from my Meal Planner?

You will click on the recipe, scroll down, and click on the trash icon.

Please note: if you have already generated your Shopping List, you will need to regenerate the Shopping List in order to update the ingredients on the Shopping List.

Check out this short video on How to delete a recipe from your meal planner.

Can I customize my meal plan based on my Nutritional Interest?

Yes! We offer 15 different options to select from: AIP, Clean Eating, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Grain Free, High Protein, KETO/ Low Carb, Low Sugar, Nut Free, Ovo Vegetarian, Paleo, Pescatarian, The 30 Clean Approved, Vegan, and Vegetarian.

Can I print out my meal plan and shopping list to follow them on paper?

Absolutely. To print out your meal plan, make your meal selections for the week and click on the ‘Print Plan’ tab on the lower right corner of your meal plan. If you would like to print your meal plan and shopping list together, you’ll need to click on the ‘Generate Shopping List’ tab, and then scroll down and click on the ‘Print’ tab that is located at the bottom right corner of the page.

Check out this short video on How to generate, edit & use the shopping list.


How can I access my Shopping List once it’s generated?

You can access your shopping list on the fly from any mobile device and check items off as you shop! Or else you can print the shopping list and bring it with you to the store.

Check out this short video on How to generate, edit & use the shopping list.

How do I search for previous meal plans?

You can browse through your meal plan archives by arrowing back in your Meal planner.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

No worries! People forget their passwords all the time. Just go here and click on ‘Forgot Password’ to request a password reset and we’ll send you an email to reset your password. If you don’t receive the email within 5 minutes, please check your spam folder – some times our emails do end up there!

How do I change the email or password associated with my account?

You can change your email or password on your account page.

Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely. Cancel anytime on your account page. You will still have access to your meal plans until your account becomes inactive at the end of the period you already paid for. Of course, you’re welcome to come back anytime!

Will my membership automatically renew?

Since we are a membership service, all membership options will automatically renew. You may cancel at any time on your account page. You will still have access to our service through the period you paid for.

How do I change my payment info?

If you need to update your payment information with a new card number, expiration date, etc., you can do so from your account page.

I received an email asking for new payment info. Why is that happening?

We’ll send out this email when we’re unable to bill the card you have on file. It’s likely that you recently closed that card account or you have a new zip code or expiration date associated with the card. If you want to continue with our service, just go to your account page and enter a valid payment source. If you don’t want to continue with the membership, there’s no need to do anything.

How do I find my next billing date?

All your payment information can be found on your account page.

Can’t find the answers you’re looking for?

Contact our customer success team and we’ll be happy to help!